Alfonso Arámbula


As a sculptor, day to day I choose the mission of contributing with my artwork in beautifying the planet! Along with impulsing enrichment of conversation that promotes conservation of nature, equality among humans and where public art is installed, generates positive energy for persons around this space.

Public Art draws its energy from the sculptures and the viewers. My passion is the creation of unique and transcendent sculpture pieces.

My commitment is stronger in these uncertain times, when the world seems to dissolve between our hands. Creating art in all its forms is a constant space where man can discover that all is possible and that liberty is a process of auto creation and infinite expansion.

My art has a powerful positive statement for this generation and future generations, stepping forward with our role in the conservation and preservation of ecology; using natural and/or recycled elements for the sculptures to express this point…. also adding a cultural exchange of ideas on art while showing that sculpture is universally inviting to conversation for the viewers.

Organization and personal affinity are just two of my permanent work tools. Effort is focused towards creation, in accordance to the agreed specifications of quality, form and dimensions. My creative production style is always based on a Work Plan program with a Work Calendar specifying to the extent that you will always have the certainty of the work advances and can be sure that this commission will be done and completed in the time frame and quality. I maintain complete communication with the involved manpower team, along with maintaining integrity in the managing of funds designated for the creation of the site-specific public art.

Basically I am a self taught artist; multidisciplinary, experimenter and inventor, learning by the experience of my work created each day in my studio. I am an intense and curious observer; receiving inspiration from artists such as Frank Gehry, Alexander Calder, Gaudi, Picasso, Dali, Rodin, Duchamp and others, also through the conversations and contributions of my fellow community artists, critics and curators.